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Every so often I take a vacation day so that I can concentrate on writing. With the thrum of day to day life I often feel that I don't have the brain power or time to actually take on writing the way I want to. I have plenty of vacation time, and we aren't going anywhere special this year so why not use it for something I enjoy. whee!

Yesterday was one of these days. I'm not sure I accomplished as much as I really wanted to, but I did get some stuff done. Here's a run down of my day.

7:30 am: drop kids off at daycare and go to diner for breakfast. while eating and drinking coffee i begin editing some of my nanowrimo manuscript that I brought along. around 8:30 head home.

8:30 am: run around house frantically grabbing things I need for the day before I drop my car off at the mechanic. clean litter box. run out the door close to 9.

9:20 am: drop car off at mechanic. stomp down the road .8 miles to the library.

9:45 am: arrive at library to discover it doesn't open until 10am. sit on the curb with a lot of impatient looking elderly people.

10:05 am: Library opens! whee!! maneuver myself away from the crush of people rushing to the computers and dvd's. ask where the quiet room is. hide an a corner carrel. ponder what it is I feel like working on. decide it's editing the story.

10:30 am: so irritated with the red lead in my mechanical pencil because it keeps breaking. bum red pen from librarian with a promise to return it.

11 am: my phone rings. It's the mechanic. despite the many signs saying don't use your cell phone in the library i answer because i'm alone in the quiet room and who will know? AT THAT VERY MOMENT someone walks in. stuff phone in pocket and run outside. discuss car repairs, return to editing.

11:45 am: I'm sick and tired of editing now. decide I'll make some of the changes i made on paper to the files on my computer. open computer. husband calls. we decide to get lunch together at 12:30. now all i can think about is food despite my big breakfast.

Noon: The way i set the story up in Scrivener makes no sense to me. i get frustrated. trying to make the changes I find myself ignoring what I wrote in the book. wonder how long before my kids can read and i can coerce them into doing this part of the job.

12:20 pm: pack up my stuff. give back pen. find the book i'm currently reading on my kindle (didn't have kindle with me) and sit in a chair reading while waiting for husband. we go have lunch. get home around 1:30.

1:40 pm: I go to the market to get some stuff for dinner.

2:10 pm: color my hair. while it's doing its thing I rush around looking for a red pen. can't believe i can't find one. wish I had just stolen the one from the library.

2:50 pm: lay on the bed feeling sleepy and clean. husband and i realize we are home alone with no kids. ;)

3:30 pm: he goes to get kids, I sit down with the book again. edit a little but realize I need to start preparing dinner.

4pm-6pm: cooking/eating/leaving to pick up my car. on way home buy a pack of red pens

7pm: i get back home with the youngest kid while daddy and older kid go to the mall. clean the living room, vacuum. Watch Seinfeld.

8pm: clean up kitchen mess from dinner. force children to bed. pour beer for husband and i.

9pm: sit down with book again. hate the new red pen. decide i'm too freaking tired to deal with it anymore. watch anime. fall asleep on couch after 1 beer because there's something about Miller Lite that immediately knocks me out.

10:20pm: decide to go to bed since i can't keep my eyes open to read subtitles. get sucked into a stupid movie on tbs because of a handsome guy.

11:15pm: go to bed.

SO. what was my results for the day? I edited 7pages of my manuscript, which doesn't sound like a lot, but I really had a lot to fix. I added whole paragraphs of things that needed to be described, practically re-wrote sections. but at the same time, look at how much of my day was actually spent going at it? not a whole lot.

I'm so finicky with the things I do with my day. I can only concentrate on the things I WANT to do. I have a hard time making myself do something I'm not feeling. like my b&b story? haven't touched it since I dropped out of the big bang. I spent so much time forcing myself to work on it that now I can't make myself work on it anymore.

Today I have had a lot of house work to do and now we are going to get ready for a party. We'll be gone the rest of the day. I'm going to come home probably tipsy and exhausted. I did do some plotting on the epic story (on my foam board) so at least that's something. It's no wonder I can hardly get any writing done after I come home from a hard day at work. no brains left!

speaking of party. I have to go get ready..
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