Feb. 17th, 2011

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Maybe I've been living under a rock. I'm not sure. But I checked out dreamwidth.org yesterday for the first time and I'm tempted to move this blog there. While I have no major problems with using blogspot, I do find it to be a bit difficult at times. I have had trouble writing an entry in Word or notepad and then pasting it into here, which is something I like doing especially at work. The formatting comes out all strange and I can't seem to fix it. Perhaps I'm stupid, but I like the familiarity of dreamwidth since it's based on LiveJournal's code. Yes, I could just make a different LJ account, but I prefer the idea of a fresh start on a different site.
The only real issue is that dreamwidth is not really a well known place for an "official" blog of sorts. I should probably not really be worrying about this kind of stuff. Yet I do. Next week Dreamwidth is allowing people to create an account without an invite code, so I will determine next week if I am indeed moving the blog.

In other news, I purchased a Livescribe pen. If you are unfamiliar with these pens you should check out the website. I did so because I sometimes enjoy writing stories by hand. I feel I give more care to what I write instead of simply letting my fingers fly at the speed of thought. I have one story I'm working on called B & B, a twist on the old Beauty and the Beast tale, which I'm writing by hand in a notebook. The Livescribe pen can record the handwriting and save it on my computer, and a program called My Script can translate that written word to text if I want.

Certainly it isn't a perfect transcription. My main character's name is Bea, and it often reads it as Bert, which is funny to me. My handwriting is this crazy mix of cursive and print and I often stick small sized capital style letters in the middle of words cAusing things to tRAnslAte like thiS if I doN't take care with my writing. My hope for using this is that if I take more care with the first draft, even if I need to go back and fix loads of typos, editing the story as a whole won't require extensive character rewrites/additions/etc. So far so good. As I transferred the two scenes I've written so far into my new Livescribe notebook I was pleased with how they were written. It may not be just the fact that I'm hand writing them though. Perhaps it's because I'm writing this book out of order, giving attention to whatever scene comes to mind. I've never written in a non-linear fashion before. I'll see how putting the pieces back together goes.

Signing off...
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Well. As you can see, if you've read the post below, I decided to create a dreamwidth account for writing after all. Since they don't import from Blogger I had to copy and past each entry. That was ok since I had only made 6 posts.

nothing further to say... move along...


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