Feb. 23rd, 2011

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I've decided to throw my hat into the ring again for NaNoEdMo. It's a month long challenge to spend 50 hours editing your work. Rules are on their site as far as what counts as editing (research does NOT count. Blast!). I tried to do this once in 2009, but didn't get very far at all before I stopped feeling very frustrated with my garbage of a first draft. This year I have a much better first draft, which doesn't mean I don't have a whole lot of work to do on the manuscript.

I'm going to be editing my novel from last year's Nanowrimo. I'm eager to start fixing the rather obvious problems before I assemble a mighty team of beta readers. I started a list of issues to work on while I was working on the first draft. There's a few things I need to fix which I am pretty bad at.

I'm really bad a character descriptions. I start writing and I don't really give any thought to what someone looks like. I have a pretty basic background for them, but that's all. So physical descriptions and figuring out exactly how to work them into the story seemlessly is one thing I need to research beforehand.

Hand in hand with the characters are the settings. I need to have a better idea in my mind of exactly where they are and how a place is set up. As I wrote I had an idea of what sort of location they were in. Then things changed as I wrote and rooms were added, etc. I need to fix that up.

I swear reading those last 2 paragraphs I sound like the worst writer ever. I promise the plot and pacing are pretty good!! *eek*

The biggest challenge with EdMo is finding the time and sticking to it. Nanowrimo takes a fair amount of time, certainly, but it's easier for me to bust out the words and allow the story to flow. In going back over it I find myself tripping over my words and second guessing every keystroke. Then invariably I discover another bit that needs to be researched and I lose track of time trying to find the perfect fit for whatever tid bit I need to fix. 50 hrs during March works out to about 1 hour and 40 minutes every day. That will indeed be a challenge with work, kids, and general household things getting in my way. The husband would surely be displeased if I stopped doing my share of the cleaning because I'm working on a "hobby". He deals with my negligence during Nanowrimo, but twice a year would be different. On the other hand, any time I spend editing is time well spent. Even if it only ends up being 20 hours, that's good. Everything adds up.

So I've got some research to dive into this week. I've got a list of things to look into today. During my lunch break I'm going to work on character descriptions. I also need to find an ornithologist (bird scientist) that will be willing to answer a few questions for the B&B story. In that story my MC is an ornithologist who goes on an expedition to the Amazon in search of a rare exotic bird and ends up in the realm of the Beast. (queue spooky music) I want to make sure that the situation isn't completely outrageous and also find out what exactly an ornithologist does when they aren't in the field.

If you think you'd like to do Nanoedmo, you can sign up by following the link to the website. I'm callaflower there. There's also [community profile] nanoedmonet here on DW for people to talk about what they are up to.


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