Jun. 8th, 2011

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I have been terribly lax in my writing lately despite the looming deadline for the first draft of my Big Bang. that's just 1 week from today, btw. EEK! When I look at all the red To-Do scenes in Scrivener I have a tiny panic attack. I'm not ready to give up though. I simply need to make more of an effort.   I recently signed up on Ancestry.com to research my family tree.  For literally a week I've been glued to my computer searching and reading and looking for ancestors, trying to trace my family name back to Germany which is where I think we're from.  I'm stuck on my g-g-grandfather right now.  I need to take a step back and give this project some space.

I started writing class 3 weeks ago. It has been good. The first two classes were ok, but last night's was better. We started getting into the areas where I think I need work. For example using less adverbs. I know this is an issue for me. We talked about details for the past couple weeks and then last night we talked about how you should be careful to avoid purple prose. After we discussed this our instructor had us write something in purple prose, which was pretty hilarious. She told us to write something about some part of our day. I'll share what I wrote because I think the details were over the top and funny.

My shoulders rose and fell like the ocean waves as I heaved a weary sigh, filling my lungs with exhaust fumes, as I saw the calamity that lay before me.  Rows of cars, their menacing brake lights glaring at me, were inching along the heavily traveled highway, blocking all hope of escape.  Feeling my hair turning gray and my skin becoming wrinkled from both pollution and the passage of time I wondered absently if I would ever make it to my long awaited destination, my home.
I think this just crosses the border of being over the top.  Remove a few lines and it might be ok.  I don't write like this so it was hard to do.  I try to stay more to the point, and I'm kind of paranoid about having too much detail.  Anyway.. I think last night's class was helpful in that I'll be able to recognize when something crosses that line, and how I can be a bit more detailed without going over the top.  In two weeks we are going to be talking bout setting and so forth, and i'm very excited about that.  OH THE HELP I NEED THERE.  YIKES.

For now I'm going to go.  I've got work to do, and like I said, my Big Bang is in need of attention.


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