Jun. 21st, 2011

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Yesterday was the rough draft deadline for my fantasy big bang, and i submitted what I had. The draft should have been 80% done. Mine was more like 70% done. I had 10 out of 21 scenes left to complete which is kind of bad. Most of those had SOMETHING down but just weren't totally done. I'm hoping I can have this done by the end of the week. I told my beta reader I'd have it to them before the end of June. Yip!

I have been struggling with my writing lately. We talked last week in my writing class about how using "was" all the time is not good and blah blah blah. It makes sense and I see how it is better to use other words. Then I sit down to write and it's all "Bea was walking. the sky was blue." or whatever. oh dear god. I can't get my brain to think of a different way to word everything! What makes it even more frustrating was one of my previous scenes that I wrote a few months ago. While transcribing it from my notebook last night I noticed that it was written REALLY well. Like i won't even need to edit that because it's pretty much gold. There wasn't all this "was" crap. I could probably cut out a few adverbs. Otherwise it was just the way a story should sound. What the hell did I do that day that is so different than what's going on now? How did I manage to make that sound so wonderful, and the rest is pretty sad. oh god. the contrast would be noticable to anyone reading.

One of the reasons has got to be that I wasn't under the crunch at the time. With time to develop my thoughts and think about what was coming from the end of the pen I was able to create a better product. Oh fucking procrastinator me. See what you do to yourself when you wait until the last minute! *facepalm*

So anyway.. I'll be writing more today and hoping I can replicate that earlier moment of genius.

Tonight in class we'll be discussing setting and scenery, something I need LOADS of help with since my characters can't seem to see anything beyond the end of their noses.


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