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Yesterday the non-credit course guide for our local community college came in the mail. I always look at it because they offer some interesting courses. Like Boating. When the school is no where near a body of water, and they don't actually do any boating during the course. You just learn about boating in a class room. *shrug*
They are offering a creative writing class starting at the end of May, and going for 8 weeks. It's on Tuesday nights. My husband never works his second job on Tuesdays, so that actually works out. I mentioned it to him and to my surprise he encouraged me to do it. I figured he would roll his eyes or something when I mentioned it. I don't really know why. He has always been pretty supportive of my writing efforts even though he doesn't read anything I write, and he knows I'm not doing it to become rich and famous. I think he's happy if I have a hobby that makes me happy as long as it doesn't leave him stuck with all the housework. :)

It's not that expensive either, just over $100. I've been working some overtime recently, and also got a bonus for unused sick time from last year. I have plenty of money for it. So I've decided to do it, despite my general dislike of school. I like learning things, but I like learning just what I want to learn. I also don't like forced creativity. For example "write an x# of word piece" when I have no idea or am in no mood to write about something. I am trying to look at it like, this is just something I'm doing for fun. And if I epically fail at any potential assignments I'm not doing this for any grades or credit so who cares. The point is learning some things that will benefit my writing.

So that will be interesting.
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