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So i have done a *little* writing this weekend. The rough draft is due tomorrow and according to Scrivener I have 10 out of 21 scenes that are still marked as "to do". some of these are partially completed. Others haven't even been written. I have a feeling as I write I'll come up for more ideas for more scenes. THINK I CAN GET THIS COMPLETED BY TOMORROW? I'd ask a magic 8 ball, but I'm afraid it would just laugh at me.

one of the good things is that some of these drafts are actually done but in my notebook and need to be copied over. As I'm copying them i'm revising them so they end up being revised drafts instead of just first drafts. That should save me some time later. Look at me seeking out the positive! or deluding myself. I'm not sure which is a more accurate description.

We also have many things to do today. I have to go shopping for the week, finish up the laundry and get the house ready to babysit 3 kids of some friend who are in town and going to a wedding tonight. good times, right? RIGHT? oh god.

i think some of these scenes in my notebook will end up getting transcribed in their original crappy first draft form just for the sake of it.

In other news, it's such a nice day out so far. It's supposed to be pretty warm today, but for now the windows are still open and it doesn't feel gross yet. this may be partially because i'm still running around the house in my short, sheer, skimpy nightgown. hmmm... I've been reading about how to promote good air circulation through the house to get it cooler faster at night. one would think just opening all the windows at night would produce the desired effect but it's apparently better to open just a few and use strategically placed fans to drive the cool air from downstairs up and blow the hot air out the upstairs windows. We have a skylight in our bathroom that opens so I'm hoping that can work as a "thermal chimney" and the hot air will go up and out the skylight while being drawn in the downstairs windows. We put the screen in the screen door so in the evenings I can open that and it's like opening 3 windows.
speaking of fans and such, I was looking at those Dyson air multipliers. Holy EFF WORD they are expensive. though what would i expect coming from that company. i mean... a large one costs $450! what for? a plastic thingy? i absolutely cannot imagine that that contraption is that expensive to produce.

ok enough ranting and raving about stuff.. (know where i can win one in a contest or something?? lol)
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