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Thursday night I went out after work and got home around 9pm. The kids were already in bed, husband had bathed them and all that good stuff. We were talking in the kitchen and I kept hearing this noise. I ignored it because the cat was batting stuff around the floor and I thought it was her. Finally I investigated and there was water dripping from our ceiling in the living room.

We've been having an issue with a leaky faucet in the bathroom that we've just been dealing with for over a year waiting for this year's tax return money in order to fix it. It drips hot water constantly, and we turn it off at the shut off valve behind the tub. Well I guess that valve is failing now from always being turned on and off in ways it wasn't meant to. So it is now dripping water. GREAT.

it was dripping down into the space between floor and ceiling, and coming out of the ceiling right above our armchair. My alphasmart Neo was sitting on the armchair. It got all wet. Now it won't work. I has a sad.

I love my alphasmart for writing, especially during nanowrimo, but also during other times of the year. I can focus on writing without distractions from the internet. It's also light and fits in my purse. I will be sad if it's broken, though you can usually find them on ebay throughout the year for very decent prices. I have a Dana and an Alphasmart 3000, but I don't like those as much. I should actually get rid of the Dana because husband gripes about me having so many of them, and it is my least favourite. I took it all apart so it can dry, but I don't know if it's going to recover.

Naturally now that I can't use it I am wanting to write with it.

I haven't written much the past few days because I've been grumpy and stressed and very busy. I will try to make some headway in one of my stories or editing or something tonight if I'm not exhausted.


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