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When I've had a chance this weekend I've been working on my story from Nanowrimo last year. (wip: SM) I'm actually shocked to say I'm not horrified by it. shock! :D but in a good way. I was reading along, and other than some setting details and character physical descriptions there's not a whole lot wrong with it. Well... let me rephrase... not a whole lot that needs major work. Nearly every sentence needs a few words deleted or some re-wording, but the actual story is done pretty well. I'm encouraged to continue working on it.
of course i had to come on here at 12:15am to tell you that. not just wait until tomorrow.. or later today. oh well. not feeling that tired yet.
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Every so often I take a vacation day so that I can concentrate on writing. With the thrum of day to day life I often feel that I don't have the brain power or time to actually take on writing the way I want to. I have plenty of vacation time, and we aren't going anywhere special this year so why not use it for something I enjoy. whee!

Yesterday was one of these days. I'm not sure I accomplished as much as I really wanted to, but I did get some stuff done. Here's a run down of my day.

7:30 am: drop kids off at daycare and go to diner for breakfast. while eating and drinking coffee i begin editing some of my nanowrimo manuscript that I brought along. around 8:30 head home.

8:30 am: run around house frantically grabbing things I need for the day before I drop my car off at the mechanic. clean litter box. run out the door close to 9.

9:20 am: drop car off at mechanic. stomp down the road .8 miles to the library.

9:45 am: arrive at library to discover it doesn't open until 10am. sit on the curb with a lot of impatient looking elderly people.

10:05 am: Library opens! whee!! maneuver myself away from the crush of people rushing to the computers and dvd's. ask where the quiet room is. hide an a corner carrel. ponder what it is I feel like working on. decide it's editing the story.

10:30 am: so irritated with the red lead in my mechanical pencil because it keeps breaking. bum red pen from librarian with a promise to return it.

11 am: my phone rings. It's the mechanic. despite the many signs saying don't use your cell phone in the library i answer because i'm alone in the quiet room and who will know? AT THAT VERY MOMENT someone walks in. stuff phone in pocket and run outside. discuss car repairs, return to editing.

11:45 am: I'm sick and tired of editing now. decide I'll make some of the changes i made on paper to the files on my computer. open computer. husband calls. we decide to get lunch together at 12:30. now all i can think about is food despite my big breakfast.

Noon: The way i set the story up in Scrivener makes no sense to me. i get frustrated. trying to make the changes I find myself ignoring what I wrote in the book. wonder how long before my kids can read and i can coerce them into doing this part of the job.

12:20 pm: pack up my stuff. give back pen. find the book i'm currently reading on my kindle (didn't have kindle with me) and sit in a chair reading while waiting for husband. we go have lunch. get home around 1:30.

1:40 pm: I go to the market to get some stuff for dinner.

2:10 pm: color my hair. while it's doing its thing I rush around looking for a red pen. can't believe i can't find one. wish I had just stolen the one from the library.

2:50 pm: lay on the bed feeling sleepy and clean. husband and i realize we are home alone with no kids. ;)

3:30 pm: he goes to get kids, I sit down with the book again. edit a little but realize I need to start preparing dinner.

4pm-6pm: cooking/eating/leaving to pick up my car. on way home buy a pack of red pens

7pm: i get back home with the youngest kid while daddy and older kid go to the mall. clean the living room, vacuum. Watch Seinfeld.

8pm: clean up kitchen mess from dinner. force children to bed. pour beer for husband and i.

9pm: sit down with book again. hate the new red pen. decide i'm too freaking tired to deal with it anymore. watch anime. fall asleep on couch after 1 beer because there's something about Miller Lite that immediately knocks me out.

10:20pm: decide to go to bed since i can't keep my eyes open to read subtitles. get sucked into a stupid movie on tbs because of a handsome guy.

11:15pm: go to bed.

SO. what was my results for the day? I edited 7pages of my manuscript, which doesn't sound like a lot, but I really had a lot to fix. I added whole paragraphs of things that needed to be described, practically re-wrote sections. but at the same time, look at how much of my day was actually spent going at it? not a whole lot.

I'm so finicky with the things I do with my day. I can only concentrate on the things I WANT to do. I have a hard time making myself do something I'm not feeling. like my b&b story? haven't touched it since I dropped out of the big bang. I spent so much time forcing myself to work on it that now I can't make myself work on it anymore.

Today I have had a lot of house work to do and now we are going to get ready for a party. We'll be gone the rest of the day. I'm going to come home probably tipsy and exhausted. I did do some plotting on the epic story (on my foam board) so at least that's something. It's no wonder I can hardly get any writing done after I come home from a hard day at work. no brains left!

speaking of party. I have to go get ready..
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Here is my foam board for plotting the 5 volume Penny story. I had this lying around for some reason, and it wasn't being used. I decided to use it for plotting these stories because it's big and sturdy. I can carry it around with one hand while I ponder ideas. I can sit with it on my lap and it's like having a built in desk to write on. It's nice to see all the details of the story at a glance. the biggest challenge will be keeping it away from the kids so they don't scribble all over it. :)

As you can see I haven't many details recorded yet. Most of what I have planned for this series is in a notebook. I have the plots for the first 2 books figured out. I know how it will end, and I have a basic plot for the final book. Much of the personal relationship stuff between Penny and her love interest(s) has also been determined. It's all the complicated stuff that I have to figure out. Who all the bad guys are... the overarching details of the over all plot. Also the world building stuff. Oh.. and there's aliens I need to make up.

Before I even start writing this story I want to know everything about it. When you read or watch stories in a series, you can tell at the end if they had it all worked out from the beginning. And I don't mean just knowing the final scene, but knowing all the details of the major conflicts. Like, i love Harry Potter, but there's no way she started that story planning the Deathly Hallows. Otherwise everyone who saw Harry's cloak would have said "HOW DID YOU GET THAT?????" In the end it's kind of a minor irritation. But I want no details overlooked before I start writing. It's a tall order, but it's what i feel i need to do.

Perhaps I'll find myself adding another book after i get into it, though that's best avoided. I am a little silly, and I prefer series in odd numbers. I like 5 because there is a definite middle. with 4 books you have no middle really.. just this empty space between book 2 and 3 that's not really a middle. If I changed the number from 5 I would want it to be 7 so there would be another middle book. That's something I'm not sure I'm willing to do.

In other news, it's going to be a crazy busy day. I really shouldn't be sitting here typing this (I think I may say that every time I sit to write an entry). I have laundry to do, shopping for 2 birthday parties today, and then said birthday parties. Must get moving!
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So, quitting the big bang seems to have been a good move. I feel more relaxed becuase i'm not constantly thinking about how I need to work on that story. The downside is that I haven't really touched it either. Maybe I just needed a little distance. I'll get back to it soon enough.

I have been enjoying doing other things though, like some garden work that desperately needed to be done. I started reading this other book (the latest one in a series that's taken me like a year to read). I grabbed a slab of foamboard we had lying around and started plotting out details for each book of my Penny series. I also picked up the first draft of last year's nanowrimo story, looked at it and then set it back down. haha.

I also got sucked back into ancestry because I found an obituary for my g-g-grandfather's sister which listed their parent's names. YAY! they had parents! parents who's names I can read! other than that I know nothing about them, nor can I seem to find any info on them. oh the frustration. I hope to find something eventually, but it may involve going home and heading to the library where I will need to sift through stacks of microfilm, going crosseyed in the process. I can't say I'm looking forward to that. why can't everything be catalogued and searchable online RIGHT NOW?? :(

My final writing class is next tuesday. It's been fun, and worthwhile. It's been nice hearing how everyone has improved since the beginning of the class. I look forward to utilizing the information I learned.

Well, I should eat something. Have a nice weekend.


Jul. 1st, 2011 09:33 am
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so today I pulled out of the big bang. It's not solely because of the issues that I posted under the filter yesterday, though I'm sure on some level that plays into it.

Yesterday I was working on the story. I didn't really feel like it. I started on this scene and I was having all sorts of difficulty getting into it. Then I read over another scene that I wrote a couple weeks ago. I thought at the time it was ok, and wouldn't need that many revisions. In truth, it's a mess. I wasn't happy with it at all. I started thinking of all the things I wanted to add and what I would need to change, not just in that scene, but in the entirety of the piece. Then I look at the calendar and I see I have 3.5 weeks to do it. There's just not freaking way. Not with a full time job/kids and the like. So I pulled out.

I'm not as disappointed with myself as I thought I would be. I really think that maybe I just don't work so well under deadlines like that. My creative energy waxes and wanes with no rhyme or reason it seems. One day I could sit down and write 5000 words. The next I can't even force myself to do anything.

2 reasons I wanted to do the big bang was because I wanted a deadline to help me focus, and that didn't work out. The other was so that I would be forced to publically post my story, which is a paralyzing fear I have. I will still do the second bit. I'll still post the story here when it's done. I may start posting it as bits and pieces. This way I'll be accountable for something. And you guys can enjoy it. lol. or laugh at it. however you respond is ok. I'll sit back and try not to puke from the nerves.

I'm not sure when I'll start posting it. I want to feel like I have the majority of it ready before I begin to share it.
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Yesterday was the rough draft deadline for my fantasy big bang, and i submitted what I had. The draft should have been 80% done. Mine was more like 70% done. I had 10 out of 21 scenes left to complete which is kind of bad. Most of those had SOMETHING down but just weren't totally done. I'm hoping I can have this done by the end of the week. I told my beta reader I'd have it to them before the end of June. Yip!

I have been struggling with my writing lately. We talked last week in my writing class about how using "was" all the time is not good and blah blah blah. It makes sense and I see how it is better to use other words. Then I sit down to write and it's all "Bea was walking. the sky was blue." or whatever. oh dear god. I can't get my brain to think of a different way to word everything! What makes it even more frustrating was one of my previous scenes that I wrote a few months ago. While transcribing it from my notebook last night I noticed that it was written REALLY well. Like i won't even need to edit that because it's pretty much gold. There wasn't all this "was" crap. I could probably cut out a few adverbs. Otherwise it was just the way a story should sound. What the hell did I do that day that is so different than what's going on now? How did I manage to make that sound so wonderful, and the rest is pretty sad. oh god. the contrast would be noticable to anyone reading.

One of the reasons has got to be that I wasn't under the crunch at the time. With time to develop my thoughts and think about what was coming from the end of the pen I was able to create a better product. Oh fucking procrastinator me. See what you do to yourself when you wait until the last minute! *facepalm*

So anyway.. I'll be writing more today and hoping I can replicate that earlier moment of genius.

Tonight in class we'll be discussing setting and scenery, something I need LOADS of help with since my characters can't seem to see anything beyond the end of their noses.
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So i have done a *little* writing this weekend. The rough draft is due tomorrow and according to Scrivener I have 10 out of 21 scenes that are still marked as "to do". some of these are partially completed. Others haven't even been written. I have a feeling as I write I'll come up for more ideas for more scenes. THINK I CAN GET THIS COMPLETED BY TOMORROW? I'd ask a magic 8 ball, but I'm afraid it would just laugh at me.

one of the good things is that some of these drafts are actually done but in my notebook and need to be copied over. As I'm copying them i'm revising them so they end up being revised drafts instead of just first drafts. That should save me some time later. Look at me seeking out the positive! or deluding myself. I'm not sure which is a more accurate description.

We also have many things to do today. I have to go shopping for the week, finish up the laundry and get the house ready to babysit 3 kids of some friend who are in town and going to a wedding tonight. good times, right? RIGHT? oh god.

i think some of these scenes in my notebook will end up getting transcribed in their original crappy first draft form just for the sake of it.

In other news, it's such a nice day out so far. It's supposed to be pretty warm today, but for now the windows are still open and it doesn't feel gross yet. this may be partially because i'm still running around the house in my short, sheer, skimpy nightgown. hmmm... I've been reading about how to promote good air circulation through the house to get it cooler faster at night. one would think just opening all the windows at night would produce the desired effect but it's apparently better to open just a few and use strategically placed fans to drive the cool air from downstairs up and blow the hot air out the upstairs windows. We have a skylight in our bathroom that opens so I'm hoping that can work as a "thermal chimney" and the hot air will go up and out the skylight while being drawn in the downstairs windows. We put the screen in the screen door so in the evenings I can open that and it's like opening 3 windows.
speaking of fans and such, I was looking at those Dyson air multipliers. Holy EFF WORD they are expensive. though what would i expect coming from that company. i mean... a large one costs $450! what for? a plastic thingy? i absolutely cannot imagine that that contraption is that expensive to produce.

ok enough ranting and raving about stuff.. (know where i can win one in a contest or something?? lol)
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Howdy. I'm still behind with my writing. I cancelled my membership the other day because a) i didn't want to get charged for it just yet. b) It was taking up all my time. I would literally sit down to investigate something and it would suddenly be an hour later. I didn't even notice the passing of time. It's something I will return to when I have a little more time to work on it. It would be nice to have a special present for the family this Christmas.

Rough drafts for the big bang were due yesterday but they made a post delaying that until next Monday. Thank goodness. I still don't have all the scenes written, or copied over from my notebook. In fact I should be doing that now while I'm on lunch, but I thought you guys were more important. ;)

Writing class is going good. The last 2 classes have been informative. They touched on issues I know I need help with, and I think I can easily apply the priciples we were taught. It's just a matter of getting myself back to the writing. I've been distracting myself by working on the computer. I'm always better when I have the computer off and I'm writing on my alphasmart. I should know better, really.

Now that I'm thinking of transcribing those scenes from my notebook it's all I can think about. Let me get to that. Hopefully the next time I write you, it is to inform you that I sent the rough draft to the mods and I'm now vomiting because someone is reading my crappy rough draft! whee!!
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I have been terribly lax in my writing lately despite the looming deadline for the first draft of my Big Bang. that's just 1 week from today, btw. EEK! When I look at all the red To-Do scenes in Scrivener I have a tiny panic attack. I'm not ready to give up though. I simply need to make more of an effort.   I recently signed up on to research my family tree.  For literally a week I've been glued to my computer searching and reading and looking for ancestors, trying to trace my family name back to Germany which is where I think we're from.  I'm stuck on my g-g-grandfather right now.  I need to take a step back and give this project some space.

I started writing class 3 weeks ago. It has been good. The first two classes were ok, but last night's was better. We started getting into the areas where I think I need work. For example using less adverbs. I know this is an issue for me. We talked about details for the past couple weeks and then last night we talked about how you should be careful to avoid purple prose. After we discussed this our instructor had us write something in purple prose, which was pretty hilarious. She told us to write something about some part of our day. I'll share what I wrote because I think the details were over the top and funny.

My shoulders rose and fell like the ocean waves as I heaved a weary sigh, filling my lungs with exhaust fumes, as I saw the calamity that lay before me.  Rows of cars, their menacing brake lights glaring at me, were inching along the heavily traveled highway, blocking all hope of escape.  Feeling my hair turning gray and my skin becoming wrinkled from both pollution and the passage of time I wondered absently if I would ever make it to my long awaited destination, my home.
I think this just crosses the border of being over the top.  Remove a few lines and it might be ok.  I don't write like this so it was hard to do.  I try to stay more to the point, and I'm kind of paranoid about having too much detail.  Anyway.. I think last night's class was helpful in that I'll be able to recognize when something crosses that line, and how I can be a bit more detailed without going over the top.  In two weeks we are going to be talking bout setting and so forth, and i'm very excited about that.  OH THE HELP I NEED THERE.  YIKES.

For now I'm going to go.  I've got work to do, and like I said, my Big Bang is in need of attention.

I give up

May. 21st, 2011 09:24 am
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I already give up on posting those 21 days of DW. haha. it's not even that I don't want to post daily. I just don't really care about some of the questions.

today is going to be a productive day. I am determined. I have a lot of laundry to do. It's nice outside, so I want to hang it out in the sun. When the kids nap I'm going to the library to write for 90 minutes or so. that is going to be nice. peace and quiet, etc.

I'll update about how things went later. So much crap to do. But for now.. more coffee!!
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Well.. so much for posting every day with the 21 days of DW.  i'm over a week behind.  I won't bombard you with a load of answers.  I'll just pick up where I left off.

4. What do you do online when you're not on DW?
I think most of my time online is spent on Twitter.  second i go to LJ, and facebook, though I waiver between hating facebook and tolerating it just about every other day.  I like goodreads.  I also get caught up in Wikipedia.  I'll start reading about the history of Scotland and the next thing you know I'm looking at a list of all the Popes there ever were. 
and does Netflix count as online?  We usually stream through the playstation, so i'm not actually on the computer.  We use it a lot.

all the questions that aren't #4 )
Writing is going ok.  I'm not spending as much time doing it as I should.  I still feel confident that I'll be able to get the first draft of B&B done by the deadline.  I start my creative writing class next Tuesday.  I looked online and there are only 9 people registered.  not enough to have me blend into the wood work, and too many have me feel comfortable if we need to share something we wrote.  I'm such a wimp at trying new things....

well.. it is my lunch hour.. I should be writing at least a little bit.  :)
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3. Do you use other blogging sites? Why or why not?
I have an LJ, but that's completely friends locked.  If you consider Twitter a blogging site (as it has often been called "micro blogging") I'm there.  I have one personal account that's private, and one that's public (@callawrites just like here).

I feel really weird about the word "blog".  If I said I had a blog, I feel like that would imply that I have opinions on things to share, or that I had some sort of obligation to post something of significance.  Really I'm a babbler about whatever thoughts I'm having or whatever it was I did that day/week.  I kind of hate the word blog.

1-2; 4-21 )
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2. Why did you choose your journal name? What does it mean?

Well.. for writing/internet purposes my name is Calla.  Calla Flower.  Here I write about writing.. Therefore "Calla writes".  INTRIGUING HUH???
I'm not going to go into why my name is Calla Flower.  Suffice to say it was a silly nickname I made for myself in high school that I liked so well I kept it.  It's almost more than a nickname because I have some real life friends that call me Calla instead of my real name.   If I were ever to publish a book I would probably use that name.  I'd have to pick a different last name because Flower is a bit silly.  The jury is still out on what that last name would be.

1, 3-21 )
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oooo.. neat.. I saw this on someone's DW and thought this was a neat way to share a bit more about me and also to get myself posting here a bit more often since it seems I come here once every 2 weeks and then have a crapload of stuff to read about...

1. Why did you sign up for Dreamwidth?
I was looking for a new place to have a writing blog. I had one on blogspot, but I didn't like it. I found posting there to just be a pain in the butt. Plus I didn't have much of an audience. Ok... I had NO audience at all, and there really wasn't a way for me to create one without putting forth more effort than I was willing to do. While I could have started a new LJ, I didn't really want to. I liked the idea of a fresh start in a new place. I liked that DW focuses on those who create things (though you can really have it for whatever you want). I liked the format since I was used to LJ. I liked the idea of meeting totally different people, less spam, less judgment. So I closed my blogspot account and came here.

2-21 )
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I'm going to try to make a post here, but it's not entirely promising at this point since the youngest child has awoken much earlier from their nap than expected. She is currently sitting next to me swinging a foot wildly around. If you see a random ` or something, it's just her and i neglected to remove it from the post. :)

A couple weeks ago I posted that i had been writing a ton. Then I took a couple weeks off unintentionally. I can't focus on one thing for too long. I have to bounce around a bit to keep things interesting. HOWEVER... reality started to hit me this week when i realized the fantasy big bang rough drafts were due in 6 weeks, then the final drafts 6 weeks after that. holy flailing cow. I dare say I have *ahem* a bit of writing to do. I'm not even really sure how much more I need to write since I'm all over the place, writing a scene here and there. With a full time job, parenthood, upcoming class for 8 weeks of that time, and various other vices that all vie for my attention, I get nervous about getting things done.

But.. anyway.. I took the day off work yesterday. I have lots of vacation time, and we aren't taking a big week long vacation this year. I sent the kids to daycare and focused on projects. I did some editing of SM during breakfast at a diner. Then I went to the library for over 2.5 hours. They have this nice little Quiet Room with carrels (perfect for me who gets distract by imaginary things in the corner of my eye). I wrote a ton. Then came home to eat and wrote a bit more before I needed to pick up the kids. I wrote over 4000 words. that was only about 1.75 scenes, but still. I can't complain though. I finished that partial scene today plus some. I have over 20 handwritten pages to transcribe too.

I'm pleased with how that went though. I may need to take a day off here and there as needed. Or run away from home and over to the library for some peace and quiet occasionally. One good thing is that the house is currently really clean so I don't have that hanging over my head right now... like "omg the place is a wreck you should clean instead of write!"

ok, both kids are up now and I'm feeling really distracted. I will go for now and see if I can make a dent in the Reading page. :)
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I have been MIA for nearly 2 weeks. But I have been busy. i have actually been doing a fair amount of writing, believe it or not. No editing, but writing so that's at least something. yay!

The fantasy big bang on LJ is due June 15th. That's when first drafts are due. The WIP for that is the B&B story. I really need to get cracking on that. I have scenes written here and there, but I'm missing a fair amount of in between. Still not sure exactly how this will end. I mean, it's based on a classic fairy tale, so yes, I know how it will ultimately end, but the end game... not sure. I'm real excited about the potential though, and pleased with how cool this story could potentially be.

WIP Penny has been kind of taking over all my day dreamy moments. Then again I've been listening to 30 seconds to Mars for 2 weeks. The concert is Saturday night. I have gone from having amused interest in this band to really liking them. Mercy me.

Before I can even finish the first book of WIP Penny I started writing some scenes from the second story. They came to me pretty vividly and I wanted to capture them while they were so clear.

Also, my parents were visiting yesterday, and while they were here I let my mom read some of the unedited first draft of WIP SM. (last year's Nanowrimo book). My mom reads a LOT, and is pretty transparent in her opinions. She read the first few scenes, but didn't want to get too into it because she couldn't keep the draft. She said she reads some stuff that's really trash and this isn't trash. That means she doesn't think it's particuarly awesome, but it's better than some things she's read. I will take that as a compliment. I know where the story needs work.

With this recent burst of creativity I'm thinking of taking a day off sometime soon where I can just sit and write. Send the kids to daycare, and slink off to the library or something. Find a quiet and distraction free place to focus. Then just spend that time slamming these stories. I can take them all with me so when I get tired of one I can move on to the other. I need a day off anyway.
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I have a lot of projects going on at once right now. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing. I get tired of working on things easily and my mind scatters after long periods of focus. It's probably good that I have different projects to go to when I get my fill of one. On to the next!

My concern is that characterization will begin to overlap in my MCs. I have a hard enough time distinguishing my MC from myself. I don't want all their characteristics to meld together as I hop from story to story. Just another thing I have to be consious of and work hard to prevent.

I am thinking about this because I'm working on 3 things, one of which is very large. The rough draft for the Fantasy Big bang on LJ is due in about 2 months and I can barely figure out what direction I'm headed with that story. (that's B&B) I'm editing or trying to edit my 2010 Nanowrimo novel (SM), and then amongst all this my biggest idea comes crawling out of hibernation.

This Magnum Opus as I call it. It's an idea I had about a year and a half ago. I thought about it a little bit, then planned it last summer and started writing last August. Then I stopped. This is a big story that could potentially span something like 5 novel lenght works. The setting involves multiple galaxies/universes with a massive amount of potential for things to happen. I need to make sure I have things very well planned as far as the world building because I could end up with plot holes if I don't have everything figured out. oh how jealous I am of those authors who find themselves struck with a fully formed idea right from jump. I mean.. I have spent months and months just thinking, not writing a word, not really coming up with any good ideas, but finding all sorts of problems with previous ones. It's frustrating, but necessary to make sure this works out the way I want it to.

Fortunately, amid all the thinging and working on B&B, I have finally had some ideas about MO. Later this month I'm going to see 30 Seconds to Mars. At some point I realized that my MC for MO really likes that band. I find them a bit grandiose. I also find it amusing that a man, nearly 40 years old, is singing these anthems of youth and the kids eat it up. Like don't they realize that the generation of the person singing the songs is the same generation you think doesn't "get" you?

ANYWAY. I'm going to see them mostly because Penny (the MC in question) likes them. I've been listening to This is War lately to get myself excited for the show. Listening to this album gives me so many ideas for this story. It's really surprising to me. I am trying to work out how many books this story should span and then what is happening in each one of them before I go forward with filling in additional details. I'm great with figuring out the relationships between people but trying to figure out all the STUFF that's happening is harder for me to do.

Well that was a whole lot of lead up to end with me saying, I'm working on this other story because 30 seconds to mars gave me a ton of ideas... but it seems that's all I as getting at in the end.

Please forgive me if this seems kind of scattered. I worked on it in bits and pieces throughout the day.
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Yesterday the non-credit course guide for our local community college came in the mail. I always look at it because they offer some interesting courses. Like Boating. When the school is no where near a body of water, and they don't actually do any boating during the course. You just learn about boating in a class room. *shrug*
They are offering a creative writing class starting at the end of May, and going for 8 weeks. It's on Tuesday nights. My husband never works his second job on Tuesdays, so that actually works out. I mentioned it to him and to my surprise he encouraged me to do it. I figured he would roll his eyes or something when I mentioned it. I don't really know why. He has always been pretty supportive of my writing efforts even though he doesn't read anything I write, and he knows I'm not doing it to become rich and famous. I think he's happy if I have a hobby that makes me happy as long as it doesn't leave him stuck with all the housework. :)

It's not that expensive either, just over $100. I've been working some overtime recently, and also got a bonus for unused sick time from last year. I have plenty of money for it. So I've decided to do it, despite my general dislike of school. I like learning things, but I like learning just what I want to learn. I also don't like forced creativity. For example "write an x# of word piece" when I have no idea or am in no mood to write about something. I am trying to look at it like, this is just something I'm doing for fun. And if I epically fail at any potential assignments I'm not doing this for any grades or credit so who cares. The point is learning some things that will benefit my writing.

So that will be interesting.


Mar. 29th, 2011 11:39 am
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It's been a week since I've written and I suppose I should update. I bet you are all just DYING to know what I've been up to. You've been clicking on your Reading Page, then frantically pounding on the F5 key just hoping that I've updated. I'm sorry to disappoint you these last few days. I shall make up for my grievous neglect.

Not much has been going on in the realm of writing/editing. I have been reading a lot which makes me feel that not writing isn't so bad. Reading actually helps me write. It helps my own words to flow, so I look at it as an exercise. I started the 6th book of the Outlander Series. Each of these books are about a thousand pages long. I'm sure I've already read what equates to a regular book in length with what I've read so far.

Everyone was so surprised to learn about red mechanical pencil lead in my last entry. I suppose it is true that you learn something new every day! It came in the mail last Wednesday, and I excitedly ripped it from its package and put it in one of my pencils. I worried a bit that the lead would be fragile and I was right. It snaps easily even when the point isn't very long. I have to be careful. I had ordered the thinnest lead possible, .5mm. Next time I will order .7mm and hope it's a bit more durable.

Every day during lunch I have every intention of doing something writing related, but I don't. I end up online piddling around. I blame this partially on the fact that they put someone in the vacant cubicle that I used for writing. It was secluded, offering peace and quiet as well as no distractions from the computer. It's hard to find a place in the office for quiet times on your lunch break. They don't like people using empty conference rooms, even if they are not reserved for anyone at that time. Every place else has people walking all around and noise.

Of course this is no excuse to not write on my lunch break. I could learn to deal. I could sneak in some conference room until someone tells me I can't anymore. Clearly, I need to make more of an effort.

let me go do that....
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I should probably remove those question marks in the subject of this entry. A Period would be more definitive. I'm hoping it's a good week, but if I get rid of those question marks and make it a period I will have decisively made it a good week.
On the other hand if I remove them and then you read this paragraph you will be sitting there saying "What question marks?" I suppose I'll leave them there. :)

After my somewhat rambly post from Friday night I went to sleep and got up early because I had to go to work. (doing some overtime) After work I went to Staples and had my first draft printed out. I could have done it at home but my printer has not been the greatest lately. I didn't want anything to be illegible. I also got a nice big binder for it, some post it red flags and some red pencils. I've since ordered some red lead for mechanical pencils, because I simply can't stand writing with a normal pencil. As soon as the tip gets the slightest bit dull I can't stand it. I'm obsessively sharpening it. That should come tomorrow from Amazon. I suppose the demand for such things is not that high and the product isn't sold in stores.

I didn't do the other things on my list yet, but I'm feeling good about what I've done so far. To my surprise printing the book out has really motivated me to start editing. I've started going through crossing out and adding and fixing and blah blah blah. I'm 12 pages into the 211 page draft. It feels good.

I also love carrying the thing around. There's something about picking up this binder containing my story that I love. The weight of it feels satisfying in my arms, like cradling a child and knowing that you have so much wonderful work to do. It will be hard and you will have to take care, but done well the end result should be something you can be proud of.

So for now, until I feel stuck, I will just work on doing these edits. When I feel frustrated I will move on to one of the other tasks I can do to at least keep things moving along. I am for once feeling excited about editing.
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